It's been a long time we did not feed the website with (good or bad) news. Life of ONEonONE has evolved, sometimes in a good and happy way, sometimes not. Anyway, we are now back on the track and we expect to be on the road in 2016.
We are also pleased to announce we have a new singer. Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome on lead vocals: Véronique!

We are back with some good news! ONEonONE will go back in studio in January/February 2012 for recording a few tracks. Those tracks will be release on the new EP (stay tuned for details).
A few dates have already been announced for the ONEonONE Tour 2012. Check out the Tour Page for details. More dates to come in the next few days!

After 5 years with ONEonONE, Keeran left the band in May 2011. ONEonONE auditioned several players during June 2011. Ladies and Gentlemen, please, welcome on the Bass Guitar: Jean-Claude!

Our EP "Love Rock" is now freely available after our gigs. Make sure you grab yours by asking our Management Team.

The EP mix has been finished January, 2nd. Tracks are available on our myspace. CDs will be available next week and freely distributed during our gigs.

For promoting our EP, we are invited by Vincent Rapez in his broadcast radio show, Metal Zone (Radio Quartz), on Sunday January 24th. We will be interviewed, tracks from the EP will be broadcasted and will perform an acoustic set. Be sure to be tuned!

The web site is updated with new pictures for each ONEonONE member.

We just finished recording six songs. They are now under mixing and mastering.

ONEonONE is starting new studio sessions at the Canal Zoom studio, in Gembloux.