ONEonONE is a big adventure that could not have worked without the (divine?) intervention of several people. Through these few words (so little with respect to what they brought to us), we would like to acknowledge those who were, are and will be important in the success of this wonderful experience.

André and Kurdy, the 6th OoO!!, our sound engineering team (gigs and recording sessions) since our early beginnings, gracious roadie, conductor when we make a "faux pas". André welcomes us freely during the whole year, and is not the last one to drink a toast to friendship with us.

Aurélie, our official manager and photograph, lends us so many times her small truck.

Karym, manager and roadie, helps us in raising and dismantling the stage equipment.

Mireille, President of the official OoO fan club, logistic responsible, feeds us so many times!