ONEonONE is a band covering classic Hard Rock songs from late 60's to nowadays. ONEonONE follows a kind of original approach when covering a song as most of the songs in the set are rebuild based on ONEonONE sound and ways of playing music. ONEonONE was born in Fall 2006 following Franck (guitars & backing vocals) and Christophe (vocals) initiative. Quickly, Thomas (drums) and Keeran (bass guitar) joined the band. After a while, Benoit (guitars & backing vocals) was found through the Belgian musical Craiglist. The first rehearsals began in October 2006, in Belgrade (close to Namur, Belgium).

Quickly (December 2006), ONEonONE was on stage during the first Open Mic'. It was then follows by a long rehearsal campaign in order to build an interesting set-list. Due to lack of free time, Christophe left ONEonONE in mid-July 2007. The four remaining members decided however to continue the story and allocated themselves a short break in order to find a new singer. Sandra joined the band in September 2007 and was ONEonONE's front woman until March 2009, when she decided to leave ONEonONE. She has been replaced in Spring 2009 by Jayden

After 5 years with ONEonONE, Keeran left the band in May 2011. ONEonONE auditionned several players during June 2011. Ladies and Gentlemen, please, welcome on the Bass Guitar: Jean-Claude!

Jayden left the band by the end of 2013. Please, welcome on lead vocals Laurent!

Jayden briefly joined again ONEonONE in 2015 (after Laurent left) so that we were able to honor our contracts. Véronique is now the lead singer.

ONEonONE is now composed of:

We would like to thank Christophe, Sandra, Keeran, and Jayden, for being ONEonONE's members in our early years, having so helped us in creating our sound. And, last but not least, our official OoO fan club (Stéphanie, Mireille, La Poutre, and all the others, the names list becoming more and more long), for attending so many OoO shows throughout our Tour(s)!

Feel free to join the ONEonONE Appreciation Society:

Nous vous sommes tous éternellement reconnaissant. Merci à vous!